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Integrative Health Coaching

Individual Nutrition and Health Coaching

Individual Integrative Health Coaching Services are scheduled based on your needs. We recommend an assessment for your first appointment. Based on your health history, we can assess how many sessions would be best to start. These can be joined with group cooking classes or individual cooking lessons based on clients needs. Our clients show great success when we help them tackle their health issues and guide them through a process that leads to success.

Here are a few ways an Integrative Health Coach could help you;

  • by reviewing all meals and eating habits of individuals and/or families.
  • by looking at individual health concerns and taking steps to alleviate them through diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • by working with your doctor and your diagnosis to help you implement necessary changes.
  • by teaching how to cook with whole foods in all aspects, to effectively become a healthy home chef.
  • by teaching meal planning and time saving techniques.
  • by developing an individualized eating plan for meals and snacks.
  • by looking at cravings and teaching you how to deconstruct them.
  • by helping individuals test for allergies.
  • by looking at exercise regimes that add movement to fit into personal schedules
  • by addressing the whole person, including foods that nourish on other levels such as: relationships, career, spiritual life.
  • by helping to develop techniques to reduce stress and improve quality of life.
  • by helping to sort through the food supplement maze.
  • by being a support center for information on health, organic living, recipes, herbs and complementary care with the mission of helping individuals to live a healthy life.


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