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Health Services

At HLK, we are dedicated to education and showing you how to incorporate changes into your lifestyle. Most health issues are directly related to what we feed our body and how we find nourishment. When diet changes, everything changes. Eating a whole foods diet is nurturing to the body and helps you make choices that are meaningful. When you move your diet to eating a whole foods diet, you will naturally begin to pay attention to the seasons and what foods each season has to offer. Eating with the seasons helps your body to stay energetically “tuned in,” helps you get all the nutrients your body needs on a yearly basis, helps to decrease excess, stay connected, and bring awareness to preventing chronic diseases that plague our culture.

At HLK, all of our workshops and cooking classes are in tune with the seasons. Changing your diet can seem like an overwhelming task to embrace, but we help you take the small steps needed to make changes that have a big impact. There is a delicate balance between the food we eat and the other things that nourish us like exercise, relationships, careers, and our spiritual life. All of these work together to bring wholeness and fulfillment to our lives.

At HLK, we are your personal guides. Cooking classes are just the beginning. Understanding how your body works helps you to integrate the whole food experience into your lifestyle. Our workshops and classes focus on the mechanics of how to get things done.