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The Season for a “Fall Flush”

fall stream FALL FLUSH – Introduction…

If you have a history of catching colds then now is the time of year to nourish yourself. This is a great time to do a short cleanse. I like to call it the “FALL FLUSH”. We are now in the middle of autumn where the earth’s tilt takes us further away from the sun’s energy. Spring and summer are the seasons of expending energy and heat, but autumn is the time to gather all our energy to store for winter’s rest period. 

According to Ayurvedic practitioner, John Douillard, “During the summer, most of us experience an accumulation of heat in the body that will turn to dryness in the fall. In the winter, that dryness irritates the sinuses. When the sinuses dry out, the mucus membranes react and produce reactive mucus, which acts as a breeding ground for an opportunistic bacterial or viral infection. In addition to colds and flus, we can experience other imbalances if we do not cleanse regularly.”

A fall flush will help to nourish the lungs and large intestines and get you to winter feeling light and healthy. An imbalance in these areas can often be associated with increased mucus, runny nose, sinus congestion, coughs and colds. It is a good time of year to begin eating foods that are pungent and spicy in order to open the senses and clear the sinuses to stimulate the lungs. They aid in assimilation and the absorption of food.

It’s also our last chance to soak up Vitamin D before the shorter days set in. Take every advantage of getting out in the sunshine in the next couple of weeks. 


It’s important to be sure you get enough water and to eat foods that moisten the body like; millet, barley, spinach, persimmon, honey, sesame seeds, rice syrup, almonds, pears, apples and, this is a good time to eat soy products like tofu and tempeh. 

Add more foods like; sour apples, lemons, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, leeks, hot peppers, along with spices like black pepper, ginger root, fennel seeds, turmeric. A good snack for fall would be a spicy trail mix.


Check in daily for the FALL FLUSH details and how to get started..