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Fall Flush-How to Begin

fall streamHow to do the FALL FLUSH…

“Viruses cannot attack a healthy human organism. Prevention and cure for the common cold is to stay in tune with your life.” – Elson Haas



I like to think of the FALL FLUSH as the easy detox since it’s not as intense as the Spring Detox. If you already have a pretty good diet then it’s just a matter of adding in some cleansing foods and eliminating a few white foods.

I suggest committing to one or two weeks and that people add in foods that help the body build strength and cleanse. It will give a boost of energy and improve organ function. This cleanse will help to flush out excess, and lighten the body to prepare for the heavier foods of winter that are fuller and richer and heat-producing.

To begin you want to commit to eating more of the following foods (all organic);

  1. apples, pears, grapes
  2. radishes, celery
  3. beets
  4. greens like kale, parsley, sprouts, collards, cabbage
  5. plain, full fat organic yogurt
  6. fresh sauerkraut


Then you want to commit to eliminating the following items from the diet for one to two weeks;

  1. sugar
  2. all refined bread and pasta
  3. dairy (except yogurt)
  4. alcohol and caffeine are also helpful to eliminate or decrease

food prep

Schedule your FALL FLUSH start day and look for suggested meal plans and a shopping list next…