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Food Therapy

Going Deeper with HLK

food_therapyFIn the food therapy series of classes, we help to address and resolve food issues that cramp your energy and enthusiasm so that you can move on to living a life of your choosing. These classes address specifics for each disease and teach you the how and what of doing it. Adding food to your diet that regenerates the internal organs and allows the body to return to a balanced state is an important step toward healing disease and inflammation. These classes address specifics for each disease and teach you the what and how of doing it. So many health issues can be aided and even alleviated by addressing the diet. At the very least, cleaning up the diet will help to identify where the real problems lie.


The Anti-Arthritis Diet – In this class we look at the best whole foods that support calcium absorption and utilization and are easily digestible to the system. We’ll introduce you to super foods like seaweed and broths that support bone strength. We supply recipes, land you’ll earn how to cook them, what they taste like, and how to integrate them into the diet.


Seasonal changes are the perfect time for renewal and rejuvenation. A gentle shift in diet helps to stimulate your mind and body and get rid of excess weight, congestion, and clutter. As we detox and clean our bodies of toxins, we also look at doing some de-cluttering of spaces and mind-sets. Learn how to re-set your metabolism on a seasonal basis. It is a great method for testing for food allergies and experimenting with how dairy and gluten affect our bodies.


In this series of cooking classes, we introduce a whole foods diet that builds health and helps to remove the dependency on gluten and refined foods. We take you through our Cooking with the Seasons basics, but keep it gluten-free. We include many easy recipes and menu plans to make the transition an easy one.


Cooking for someone you care about is a sure way to offer love, support, and positive energy. This class reaches out to those people who are supporting friends or loved ones in their recovery. This can be a very difficult time for everyone since digestive processes and taste buds can change significantly during this time and the comfort foods that once tasted delicious no longer work. This class focuses on easy, nutrient dense yet tasty meals/soups/broths that can be adapted to specific tastes. It also serves as a wonderful support group for those people caring for themselves or others.


In these classes we help you create a diet plan that works for you. All foods are not created equal and you will learn what your body type is so that we can help you prepare an eating plan that works just for you and your lifestyle. You’ll learn how to establish a daily routine that will enhance your physical well being. Once you’ve established your eating plan, you’re ready to set up your exercise regime for each season. You will also learn how to implement breath work, meditation, and journaling into your daily routine to reduce stress. If you undermine yourself again and again when making your daily choices you will see how your saboteur might be preventing you from achieving your goals and what to do about it. The final class is the culmination of your work. This is where we put it all together so that you stay fit and live a life of joy. There are foods that nourish us on many levels and here we will embrace all of our tools of clean eating, exercise, bio-individuality, archetypes, breath work, and journaling and put them together in your final plan.


We understand this can be a long and difficult process so we help to make it delicious and fun. We begin by introducing natural sweetener substitutes to show you how to integrate these into everyday cooking and baking. We then help to provide alternative go-to foods that help make the transition easier. Then we teach the power of natural, whole foods and working with alternative whole grain flours for delicious treats we can enjoy everyday without compromising our health. This class works well when accompanied with the ‘Basics” Series.