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Cook with Our Favorites

Garden-to-Table Classes

Experience the HLK lifestyle directly from the source with our Garden-to-Table Series.



As we live with the seasons, we believe in celebrating all the wonderful farmers who grow the delicious food that helps to sustain us. In this series of classes, we like to showcase the rich heritage of products that we search for and bring directly to you from the source, which you can find at our Healthy Living Marketplace. It’s all about showcasing products: how to cook them, paring them with side dishes, or picking vegetables fresh from the garden and cooking them together. When you “cook with our favorites,” you will sample these high quality products, as well as learn how to cook with products right from the garden in our Garden-to-Table Series. These classes are fun and always delicious!

We advocate for the best locally grown fruits and vegetables that don’t use herbicides and pesticides to pollute our soil and water. We promote wild, sustainably caught Alaskan Salmon and other sustainably caught fish, locally sourced Grassfed Beef, lamb and pork, Organic Pastured Poultry and eggs, local raw, aged cheeses. We also search far and wide for other healthy products that we use in our cooking but are not necessarily grown locally, such as extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegars, herb blends, and herbal remedies.