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living_seasonsF2Cooking with Healthy Living Kitchen:
Healthy, Whole Foods Eating

At HLK, we live with the seasons to simplify our diet and lifestyle. Our goal is to make it easy to eat healthy and live a healthy life. The first step is to increase the whole foods in your diet, and that’s where we come in. We teach you how to transform your eating experience into nutritious, nurturing, health building meals. The HLK lifestyle is about living with the seasons to bring us to a conscious level that creates energized thinking and enthusiasm for life.

Not only do we learn how to cook fabulous, wholesome recipes that taste great for the whole family and are easy to prepare, but we also learn about something called Primary and Secondary Foods. Our health issues are directly related to what we are feeding our body. Secondary Foods are the foods we eat that nourish our body with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and fats. Primary Foods are the other things that feed us including exercise, relationships, our daily work life and our spiritual life. How these foods work together can determine the quality of our lives and control the dis-ease we encounter. This is whole foods cooking that will change the way you live, and the way you think. What you eat changes everything!

How to Begin the HLK Lifestyle

1.    Buy our book, Eat With The Seasons.
2.    Take the HLK Basic Classes and Cook with the Seasons.
3.    Then stay on track with On-the-Go with HLK.

Cook with Our Favorites
We like to showcase the rich heritage of products that we search for and bring directly to you at Healthy Living Marketplace. When you “cook with our favorites,” you will sample these high quality products and learn how to cook with products right from the garden in our Garden-to-Table Series. These classes are fun and always delicious!

Food Therapy
In this series of classes, we help to address and resolve food issues that cramp your energy and enthusiasm so that you can move on to living a life of your choosing. These classes address specifics for each disease and teach you the how and what of doing it.