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Cook for a Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking with the seasons makes the kitchen a happy place! Learn how to cook fabulous, whole foods recipes that are easy to prepare. Whether you’re just beginning to eat clean, you’ve developed health issues over the years, or you want to sample fresh products from the Central PA area, we have a cooking class for you! Learn more >


Shop Our Farmers’ Market

As your resource for whole foods, we provide a convenient online farmers’ market just for you! Our mission is to make it easier for you to eat high quality, locally sourced food at affordable prices. If you love the farmers’ market, then you’ll love the ease and convenience of shopping at the Healthy Living Marketplace! Learn more >


Learn About Healthy Living

Understanding how your body works helps you to integrate the whole food experience into your lifestyle. Through awareness, education, and lifestyle modification, our goal is to provide the tools you need to make healthy choices. Our workshops and coaching services focus on teaching you the best way to be healthy. Learn more >


Join the Conversation

There’s a food movement going on, and HLK is in it! We want to spread the word about eating and living with the seasons, the health issues that are plaguing our population, our role in making changes, and the power of our local food producers to impact what we are eating everyday. Check out our blog and take a Joyfull Journey! Learn more >